Fine Imports

We import and distribute some of the finest Japanese-made saké throughout the American market.


Founded in 1743, Hakutsuru is one of the oldest saké producers in Japan and is located in the Nada district of Kobe, a leading saké production area known throughout Japan.

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Kasumi Tsuru

With nearly 300 years of brewing experience, Kasumi Tsuru is unique in that it crafts saké using only the Kimoto and Yamahai brewing methods. These methods produce high quality, distinctive, umami rich saké.

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KIBO (key-bo) means “hope” in Japanese. The earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 completely destroyed the Suisen Shuzo Saké Brewery, the producers of Kibo saké, and tragically took the lives of seven of their employees. With much passion and perseverance, the saké brewery was rebuilt and the company resumed saké production the following year. The spirit of Suisen brewery lives on in its Kibo Junmai Saké.

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Murai Family

The Murai Family’s passion for saké is found in their nearly 200 years of handcrafting some of the finest saké in Aomori Prefecture under the name Momokawa Brewing Japan. Their commitment can be seen in consecutive annual Gold Medals for brewing excellence since 1950. In the U.S., their saké is presented under the Murai Family name and each bottle is emblazoned with the Nebuta Warrior image taken from the famous fire festival in Aomori.

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This Junmai saké is made entirely from specialty rice and pristine water sourced from Japan’s famous Nada saké region. Imported from the Hyogo prefecture of Japan, SakéMoto delivers quality and value in a taste profile that took two years to fine tune and perfect.

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Yoshinogawa is the oldest saké brewery in Niigata Prefecture. This ancient brewery was founded in 1548 and retains many of its age-old practices while keeping focused on the changes in the world today. Master brewer Masatsugu Fujino focuses his team’s efforts on crafting the finest saké. Together they draw from centuries-old knowledge and techniques to brew diverse styles that each reflect the lush, fertile agricultural region of Niigata.

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Ages ago, Japan was called Akitsushima, “Land of Dragonflies” and in the days of the Samurai, their armor was often adorned with dragonflies to symbolize strength. In rice paddies, an abundance of dancing dragonflies is a sign of pure water and a good harvest to come. It is from this history and lore that TOMBO rises. Distilled from barley and white koji, Tombo offers a lush grain aroma followed by hints of pear and citrus flavors accented by tropical spice and green olive.

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