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Tapping into the idyllic waters of the Willamette Valley and exclusive rice grown in the renowned Sacramento Valley, Toji/Master Brewer Takumi Kuwabara brings together a diversity of cultures into 4 different brands of dynamic handcrafted saké; Momokawa, g, Moonstone & Yomi. We strive to innovate and create the best quality saké for our consumers.
Yomi Junmai Ginjo 250ml can


According to Shinto mythology, Yomi means “World of Darkness” or “an Afterlife” where one goes after death. This story inspired us to craft a saké meant to be consumed each day as the sun sets when we seek refuge from our daily responsibilities and burdens and revel unchained and uninhibited. Introduced in early 2019 as the first canned saké in America, this premium-level saké is innovative, bright, refreshing and hedonistic and will complement almost any food or occasion. Both approachable and complex, Yomi is always ready to be enjoyed in your desired World of Darkness.

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g saké

Where the ideas and flavors of the past meet a dynamic present, in g we created something wonderful that brings joy to the purist and new American consumer. The “g” stands for Genshu (undiluted) meaning this style of powerful yet elegant saké is full cask strength with no additional water, retaining the rich depth of flavor. Although brewed in a customary Japanese style, using traditional equipment, g saké is complex yet smooth and harmoniously melds Japanese and American cultures and tastes.

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The first of its kind, Moonstone begins with premium Junmai Ginjo saké and is transformed into a delicious treat with the infusion of aromatic and bright natural flavors. Delicately sweet, this family lineup makes the perfect introduction to saké, then keeps you hooked and coming back for more. Whether poured straight into a glass or used to create a new expressive cocktail, Moonstone couldn’t be easier to enjoy, providing the flavorful starting point to any occasion.

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It’s an idea. An attitude. A belief that there is something more just waiting to be discovered. It drove the pioneers across the Oregon Trail and our micro-brew and winery friends to change laws and start a revolution in craft beverages that has become a hallmark for Oregon. Momokawa is America’s premier craft saké brand, brewed with that revolutionary passion to craft the greatest possible expression of what we love.

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