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Between our three craft-brewed brands, SakéOne has won more awards than any other saké company in America. We strive to innovate and create the best quality saké for our consumers.

Yomi & Momokawa Cans

SakéOne Unveils Two New Canned Saké Products

Innovative new items are first widely available premium saké in convenient, go-anywhere 250ml slim cans. SakéOne, the country’s foremost premium saké brewer and importer of fine Japanese saké, announces the release of its inaugural Oregon-brewed canned saké, Yomi and Momokawa. Now available for purchase in Oregon, Washington and California, both are expected to expand nationally over the next 6 months.

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G Sake

A melding of cultures and tastes, where the ideas and flavors of the past meet a dynamic present to create something wonderful and new.

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Moonstone begins with pure, premium junmai ginjo saké and is transformed into a delicious treat with aromatic and bright natural flavors.

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It’s an idea. An attitude. A belief that there is something more just waiting to be discovered. It drove the pioneers across the Oregon Trail and our micro-brew and winery friends to change laws and start a revolution in craft beverages that has become a hallmark for Oregon.

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We're known for more than our craft brewing. Learn more about our excellent imported offerings!


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