Moonstone begins with pure, premium junmai ginjo saké and is transformed into a delicious treat with aromatic and bright natural flavors.

When it's finally You time

Grab a glass, kick back and enjoy the simple pleasure of opening a bottle and treating yourself to a fruity, crisp and refreshing beverage without the fuss of shaking, mixing and measuring.

Oh, and did we mention our Oregon Craft saké is Sulfite Free, Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan? This is your time, kanpai!

Discover Moonstone

Cucumber Mint

This crisp infusion is like a spa-day for your palate. Relax with the sublime taste of subtly sweet cucumber and refreshing mint.


Asian Pear

A pleasant balance of crisp ginjo saké with a hint of dryness and fresh, lightly sweet pear. Pronounced aroma with a smooth flavorful finish.



Rich and ripe plum flavor accented with a hint of almond and a decadent sweetness with a pronounced aroma and color to match.


Coconut Lemongrass

This velvety nigori saké is a fun blend of premium ginjo saké and lush, all natural creamy coconut and tangy exotic lemongrass infused flavor.


All flavor. No compromise.

As the infused saké category continues to grow, the Moonstone brand stands out for its lasting commitment to using super-premium saké. Each batch begins with premium Oregon Craft saké brewed with pristine Willamette Valley water and carefully managed ingredients.

As the first of its kind, our lineup of infused ginjo has evolved slowly and stood the test of time.

Cocktails become quick, easy and exotic when Moonstone is added to the equation. Shaken with added fruit or herbs, carbonated with a soda siphon, mixed with liquors, Moonstone provides a flavorful starting point for delicious cocktails and sakétinis.

Whether poured straight into a glass or used to create a new expressive drink, Moonstone couldn't be easier to enjoy.



Saké is about 80% water. From a utility standpoint, as long as the water is clean it is generally suitable for brewing saké. However, in premium saké, water composition matters a great deal which is why seasoned saké drinkers can often connect flavor characteristics to unique regions. SakéOne’s founder chose Oregon because he believed that the best quality water for saké brewing is in the Northwest, specifically on the east slope of the coastal range in Forest Grove, Oregon.


Rice Fields

Through an exclusive partnership, SakéOne sources its saké-friendly Calrose grain from the Sacramento Valley. Calrose is derived from Japanese saké rice and has several qualities that produce saké with more body, higher viscosity, and a long, pleasant finish. This not only gives our styles a regional authenticity, but also aligns closely with our values to be an earth-friendly brewer.

America's Premier Saké Brewers

Our Style

SakéOne owes its award-winning premium saké expressions to its talented and diverse brew team.

Not unlike its fine brewing partners in Japan, SakéOne's craft brews are a reflection of the quality local ingredients it taps into and the people that define its community. Whether it's G Joy, Momokawa Silver or Moonstone Asian Pear, each sip offers a glimpse into Pacific Northwest food and social culture.

Moonstone Asian Pear combines my love for fruit-forward beverages and the clean and crisp qualities I look for in saké.

Emily, Portland

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