It’s an idea. An attitude. A belief that there is something more just waiting to be discovered. It drove the pioneers across the Oregon Trail and our micro-brew and winery friends to change laws and start a revolution in craft beverages that has become a hallmark for Oregon. Momokawa is America’s premier craft saké brand, brewed with that revolutionary passion to craft the greatest possible expression of what we love.

The revolution is on!

There is something about the Oregon rain. Something that drives creativity and a passion to craft the greatest possible expression of that which you love. For some here it's beer or wine, others it's tea, potato chips, sneakers or comic books.

In our case it's premium saké, Junmai Ginjo, the kind of elixir that puts a smile on your face and changes your world perspective. It's Momokawa, based on the ages old methods of our Japanese teachers and handcrafted with that same Oregon rain.

Discover Momokawa

Momokawa Junmai Ginjo Can

A medium-dry and crisp saké with fresh aromas of melon, green apple, and anise and subtle hints of citrus and honeydew.


Momokawa Diamond

A medium-dry and crisp with a balance of soft water notes and fall flavors of apple and pear. Melon and mild anise on the nose.


Momokawa Silver

Light, crisp and dry mouthfeel with hints of mineral and citrus. Green apple, melon, and spice on the nose.


Momokawa Pearl

Rich and creamy with bright and bold tropical notes of banana, pineapple, and coconut. Vanilla and pineapple on the nose.


Momokawa Organic Junmai

Notes of refreshing melon and lime combine with delicate pineapple and cola flavors.


Momokawa Organic Nigori

Rich and silky layers of coconut and cream with a big burst of fresh pineapple and a hint of banana.


Pioneering Spirit

Rumor has it that it rains a lot here in Oregon. When it falls from the sky we simply look up and say "thank you." The rain is critical to our ability to craft the finest saké.

Here in Oregon, the edge of the continent rises steeply from the Pacific Ocean to more than 3,700 feet creating the deep temperate rainforest known as the Oregon Coastal Mountain Range. These high hills and peaks form a lush aquifer that filters as much as 120 inches of rain each year through rich organic sediment, igneous rock, basalt flows and basaltic sandstone. The result is lush flavorful water that is exceptionally low in iron and manganese, making it ideal for sake.

The challenge to brew premium Junmai Ginjo saké in a place where there is no saké industry, no support system, is more than spirit and ideas, it's pure passion and commitment. It's an idea that our teachers, our partner brewers in Japan, support with shared knowledge and ideas to advance our effort. Each batch of Momokawa begins with a smile and a sense of knowing that Oregon craft saké is something more just waiting to be discovered.



Saké is about 80% water. From a utility standpoint, as long as the water is clean it is generally suitable for brewing saké. However, in premium saké, water composition matters a great deal which is why seasoned saké drinkers can often connect flavor characteristics to unique regions. SakéOne’s founder chose Oregon because he believed that the best quality water for saké brewing is in the Northwest, specifically on the east slope of the coastal range in Forest Grove, Oregon.


Rice Fields

Through an exclusive partnership, SakéOne sources its saké-friendly Calrose grain from the Sacramento Valley. Calrose is derived from Japanese saké rice and has several qualities that produce saké with more body, higher viscosity, and a long, pleasant finish. This not only gives our styles a regional authenticity, but also aligns closely with our values to be an earth-friendly brewer.

America's Premier Saké Brewers

Our Style

SakéOne owes its award-winning premium saké expressions to its talented and diverse brew team.

Not unlike its fine brewing partners in Japan, SakéOne's craft brews are a reflection of the quality local ingredients it taps into and the people that define its community. Whether it's G Joy, Momokawa Silver or Moonstone Asian Pear, each sip offers a glimpse into Pacific Northwest food and social culture.

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