Serve Up Our Exclusive Malibu SakéMoto Sundown Cocktail Recipe

04/16/14 - SakéMoto is offered by Oregon based premium craft saké company, SakéOne. We took the taste test a step further by requesting a cocktail recipe made with SakéMoto, just for us. We’ve dubbed it Malibu SakéMoto Sundown.

The Waves of Saké Reach Peru

04/14/14 - This article was originally written in Spanish on a Peruvian website and has been translated to English.

NWV wine trail showcases vineyards in Washington County's backyard

04/13/14 - North Willamette Vintners members have teamed up for people to buy an event ticket to drink and eat their way around the North Willamette Valley. It's a way for area residents to discover drinks that are practically in their backyards.

How Saké is Made at SakéOne in Oregon

04/08/14 - Breweries, wineries, distilleries; Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area has them all. Its craft beverage scene is the envy of cities around the nation. But saké?

Saké News

04/08/14 - Kanpai! Here is another short list of some of the interesting saké articles that have been published lately. It is great to see more and more coverage for saké!

Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo

04/03/14 - Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo is one of my favorite selections from the Toji club at Sake One. It is sent out to Toji club members and is available on their website around the holidays and I look forward to it every year.

Oregon Craft Beverages

03/31/14 - We’re spoiled rotten when it comes to local artisan food and beverages here in Portland, Oregon. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending an Oregon Craft Beverage media event, highlighting six craft beverage companies.

Saké 101 and SakéOne Tastings

03/28/14 - Last month I had the pleasure of participating in a virtual tasting (a group of tasters, tasting the same beverages, interact with a host and one another) hosted by SakéOne. Now it’s time to share!

Wine Down Eugene

03/27/14 - Unlike most of the wine-centric events I attend around the state of Oregon, this event focused on Oregon craft beverages. Hosted by SakéOne, producers of premium Oregon craft saké & importers of saké from Japan.

Forest Grove’s SakéOne is now selling rice wine in kegs

03/26/14 - SakeOne’s latest move came in February, when it became the first kura, or sake brewery, to sell the saké in kegs. It is distributing 19.5-liter kegs to restaurants like Zilla Sake on Northeast Alberta Street.


03/26/14 - It’s no secret that Oregon is one of the world’s leading craft brewing hubs. But usually beer comes to mind. For more than 20 years, SakéOne in Forest Grove has been doing its part to add to our state’s brewing lore.

Out and About: Oregon Craft Beverage Event at SakéOne

03/25/14 - I experienced my first beverage tasting event at the Oregon Craft Beverage event this past Sunday at SakéOne in Forest Grove, Oregon and I must say it was quite the experience.

Pure Food & Wine: Organic & Beyond

03/24/14 - Pure Food & Wine is the first restaurant in NYC to have organic sake on tap—Momokawa from Oregon.

SakéOne Brandlive Tasting

03/05/14 - I have enjoyed saké in the past, but my knowledge on the beverage is VERY limited. This was a great opportunity to try three different examples and allow me to note differences and figure out what I like based on side by side comparisons.

SakéOne Virtual Tasting

03/04/14 - Every time we do a virtual tasting, I'm reminded of just how much I have to learn, especially about things like saké. Happily, Steve Vuylsteke, CEO of SakéOne, and Greg Lorenz, SakéOne's Brewmaster, are more than able as educators.

SakéOne Online Tasting

03/03/14 - Ben talks about his experience during a recent online tasting that took place. "I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to taste some decent saké, preferably a few in a row, and learn what you've been missing all these years."

Oregon's SakéOne Launches First Saké in Kegs Nationally

02/27/14 - SakéOne announced the national launch of the Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo saké available in a keg, the first of its kind. SakéOne believes it will drastically change the way saké is enjoyed and marketed.

Saké & Shochu Go Mainstream

02/12/14 - This article talks about the rise in popularity of saké and shochu in the Northwest.

Spirited Away

02/01/14 - The biggest trend in American microbrewing is hangover-free, adventure-friendly saké. Kanpai!

Flavors: What to Drink in 2014

01/01/14 - American saké was included in Imbibe's 75 issue of what to drink for 2014.

Review: 4 Imported Sakés from SakéOne

09/29/13 - Oregon-based SakéOne is America’s largest producer of saké, and it’s one of its biggest importers of Japanese sakés, too. Recently the company added two new imported sakés to its lineup. Here are thoughts on the four new products...

10 Things to Know About Saké

09/26/13 - This October 1st, raise an ochoko of saké and toast “Kanpai” as it is the 35th anniversary of Nihonshu no Hi, Saké Day. Here are some points to get you up to speed on this wondrous, increasingly popular Japanese beverage.

The Saké Ninja Takes On American-Made Saké

09/26/13 - Chris Johnson, the self-proclaimed “Sake Ninja” and sake sommelier at Cherry, in New York, is one of the country’s foremost experts on the beverage. He talks to us about the virtues of saké that’s made in the good ol’ U.S.of A.

Best Boozy Moments at Feast

09/26/13 - All-stars and celebrity chefs of the modern culinary world took over downtown Portland for Feast last weekend. Here are four of our favorite boozy happenings at Feast 2013.

The Beauty of Saké with SakéOne

09/10/13 - We're turning saké skeptics into saké lovers! Don't just take our word, read it yourself!

SakéOne: Oregon's Saké Brewery

08/27/13 - When you think of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, I bet you think of wine, pinot to be specific. Did you know Oregon also has a saké brewery? SakéOne is Oregon’s only saké brewery, and there are only six total saké breweries in the United States.

Aloha to this year's Pacific Rim Festival

08/25/13 - Ahina’s Hawaiian dance studio, Ka Pa Hula Makani Kolonahe, was among the half-dozen groups that performed during the fourth annual festival, held Saturday outside the brewery. The festival, open to all ages, featured food, vendors and dancing from Japan

Pacific Rim Event Sakés it to You

08/21/13 - With the fourth annual Pacific Rim Festival coming to town Saturday, Aug. 24, the company is preparing to show doubters and lovers alike that its saké is the best of the best.

Can You Taste the Difference Between American and Japanese Saké?

08/20/13 - Some argue that Japanese saké has better flavor and is more complex due to the centuries of experience brewing saké. Others say American brewers have come a long way and taste just as good. Where do you stand? Can you taste the difference?

SakeOne in Forest Grove celebrates Pacific Rim cultures with festival on Aug. 24

08/19/13 - Find out more about the festivities that go on at our annual Pacific Rim Festival and the history and tradition behind the event.

Saké Isn't So Gross After All

08/15/13 - Change the way you view saké after reading this piece by Anneli Rufus, who had a mind change of her own after doing a saké tasting with different SakéOne products at a dinner event as a prelude to Outside Lands 2013.

What We Ate At Outside Lands 2013

08/12/13 - Reporter looks back at all the great cuisine and drink that was consumed over the weekend of Outside Lands, including SakéOne's Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo on tap.

The Bite of Oregon: Five things to see, eat and drink at the festival's 30th anniversary

08/09/13 - Here are five fresh reasons to spend today, Saturday and Sunday eating, drinking and listening to music at the Bite of Oregon, the outdoor festival that's about to celebrate its 30th anniversary at Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Outside Lands' Gourmet Extravaganza

07/29/13 - Rockers & roadies won't be the only folks rolling into Golden Gate Park next week for San Francisco's Outside Lands music festival. They'll be joined by scores of chefs, winemakers & brewers, whose performances revolve around gourmet lands of their own.

Saké: g fifty Junmai Ginjo Genshu

07/03/13 - Blogger reviews our g fifty saké.

SakéOne on Portlandia

07/02/13 - Some of our bottles made a special guest appearance on IFC's hit TV series Portlandia.

SakéOne Launches Kasumi Tsuru

07/01/13 - SakéOne, America’s premium saké company, has released its second new imported saké for the year called Kasumi Tsuru, adding to the impressive domestic and imported portfolio of the company.

New Product Watch

07/01/13 - Our g fifty saké made the New Product Watch list in Market Watch Magazine's July/August issue.

The Art of Saké

06/28/13 - Unfortunately, too many become victims of being served cheap heated saké, don’t like it in the least, and dismiss it as a bitter-tasting beverage with too much bite. I had the same experience and never had any interest in having saké after that.

Saké Tasting at Saké One, Willamette Valley, Oregon

05/29/13 - This article is part of the one-month road trip series, The Great Northwest North American Wine Road Trip, during which we'll visit wine countries in Oregon, British Columbia, and Washington.

2 Sakés From Oregon

05/28/13 - Can you even make the fermented rice beverage in Oregon? One sake producer takes on the challenge.

The Allure of Saké Part 1

05/21/13 - Hip, trendy, and popular, sake, the traditional Japanese rice alcohol beverage, is not just to wash down sushi anymore. Sake consumption is on a dramatic upswing in the US, doubling in the past 8 years, and is sipped, swirled, and paired with food.

The Allure of Saké Part 2

05/21/13 - Patricia Decker writes about the different tasting profiles for four sakés by SakéOne.

SakéOne – Premium Saké Made in Oregon

05/17/13 - Nancy discusses her experience of a BrandLive tasting of four different SakéOne products, including the new release g fifty, and reviews each saké.

SakéOne Launches g fifty, the Newest Addition to the g Saké Line

05/16/13 - SakéOne, America’s leading producer of premium saké, has released the newest product in the American-produced g saké line, g fifty, which joins its sister product, g joy.

SakéOne Tasting

05/15/13 - My first good experience with saké came thanks to the folks at SakéOne during an online tasting last year. The company was started in 1992 as an importer of quality Japanese bottles, but they began building their own kura and making their own brews.

SakéOne - BrandLive Tasting

05/14/13 - I was invited to participate in an online saké tasting, which was very easy to accept. I have enjoyed saké in the past, but my knowledge on the beverage is VERY limited.

SakéOne Virtual Tasting

05/09/13 - Last night, a virtual tasting opened my eyes up to the whole new world, to me, of saké. Tasting samples were sent to me and, with SakéOne's owner and brewer, along with a bunch of high-level wine bloggers, we tasted and talked.

Zane Lamprey Show 29: SakéOne

05/08/13 - SakéOne, an American saké company, joins us on the the podcast to talk about traditional and modern saké.

New Product Watch

05/05/13 - Market Watch is the primary resource for business information for the drinks industry, providing extensive analysis of industry trends, data, statistics, and more.

Publisher's Picks

05/03/13 - The Tasting Panel's Publisher and Executive Editor, selects their favorite wines and spirits of the month.

Quench! - Saké

04/29/13 - Saké presents an aroma and flavor profile that is very different from wine, and many consumers are confused about exactly what it is, how it’s made, and how best to appreciate it.

Check, Please! bay Area Saké Tips

04/24/13 - Leslie Sbrocco is the host of Check, Please! Bay Area. Each week, she shares tasting notes about the wine she and her guests drink on set during the taping of the show. She also shares some wine and spirits tips with each episode.

SakéOne Brews a Taste of Tradition

04/09/13 - Saké was first brewed 2,000 years ago. When the Japanese adopted the practice and perfected the process they called it the "drink of the gods." Carrying on that tradition is SakéOne, based in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Made in America: SakéOne Premium Saké

04/03/13 - Greg Lorenz, SakéOne's brewmaster, talks about the art of saké and his love of brewing.

News Briefs for March 7, 2013

03/07/13 - Exclusive news and research on the wine, spirits, and beer business.

SakéOne Announces Newest Addition

03/06/13 - SakéOne, America’s premium saké company, is proud to announce the launch of SakéMoto, a pure, premium saké imported from Japan, adding to the well-curated domestic and imported portfolio of the company.

A Guide to Pairing Wine and Cheese

02/04/13 - Most believe that wine and cheese are naturally paired, but the truth is it's actually quite a difficult feat. Many pairings are terrible, and others make food and wine-lovers cringe. But don't fret, we've asked the experts and found a ton of tasty pairin

The World in a Glass

01/30/13 - To our own doorstep and distilleries, Oregonians have brought the imbibing traditions of cultures from around the globe. Here are a few ways to sit down, grab a glass an travel the world.

Appetite: New Year Sips

01/16/13 - Ringing in the new year is all about celebratory imbibing, but the sometimes dreary days of January likewise call for a cheering pour. It’s a month of planning towards a new year, reaching out for fresh horizons…

13 Titillating Holiday Cocktail Recipes

12/06/12 - Can’t shake off the yuletide stress? Let loose and get a little holly jolly with these irresistible cocktail recipes you’ll love.

Wining and Biking Washington County, Oregon

10/29/12 - Washington County, Oregon is a land of gentle, rolling hills of rich farmland that have made it an agricultural Nirvana. It’s been farmed for hundreds of years, and it isn’t surprising that winemakers began flocking there a few decades ago.

North American Craft Saké Makers

10/17/12 - At SakéOne, the first American-operated saké brewery in the United States, the techniques employed are thoroughly Japanese, but the brews are crafted for an international palate.

Burgers Gone Cuban, Saké from Oregon...

10/15/12 - What dish are you most likely to dish out in the coming year? And what wine will you pair with it? Some 50,000 foodies learned the answers this past weekend.

Where the Teachers Learn

10/11/12 - Fifty presenters speaking to groups both large and small packed a lifetime of learning into three days of concurrent seminars during this year's Society of Wine Educators conference held in San Mateo, CA.

Oregon's Saké Renovation, Revival and Revolution

09/10/12 - Thanks to adventurous sommeliers, curious consumers and domestic producers, this classic rice adult beverage has taken a fresh life here in Oregon.


08/31/12 - Beer purists, turn away now, today's post isn't about our favorite hop juice. Instead I have for you a peek at SakéOne, a saké brewery (kura) in Forest Grove.

Notes from the Road: Saké afternoon, wine dinner

08/16/12 - Here’s your loyal correspondent speaking to you from Portland. I know, it’s nearly 4 in the morning for most of you but it isn’t quite 1 here...

Belly Up to the Bar for the Saké Revolution: Momokawa and SakéOne

08/05/12 - Remember when “I’ll have a beer” meant “I’ll have a Budweiser?” In the bad old days before the craft brew revolution, there was only one kind of beer — the cheap domestic stuff. Ditto the rice-based beverage called Saké.

Saké Gets the Spritzer Treatment

07/13/12 - Learn how to make a delicious Grapefruit Saké Spritzer using SakéOne's Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo.

Saké Sunday

05/14/12 - We decide to try some saké this weekend. We knew very little about saké but had recently watched a video of Lucy Brennan, owner of Mint/820 in Portland, Oregon making saké cocktails.

Review: Four SakéOne Sakés

05/12/12 - Drinkhacker brings you the latest wine, beer, and spirits reviews, plus original and classic cocktail recipes.

For Heaven’s Saké

05/01/12 - Three liquids usually come to mind when most people think of Oregon: sublime coffee, craft-brewed beer, and rain. High-end saké does not immediately make the cut -

Saké Weekend

04/16/12 - We call it saké, but over in the Land of the Rising Sun the legendary rice beer is known as 日本酒 or Nihonshu, which translates to... "Japanese alcohol". I'm going to admit that I haven't been a fan of the beverage in the past, even publicly stating

2011 Favorite Saké Items

12/23/11 - This is my final list, my Favorite Saké Items of the past year. This is certainly not a complete list but it is more a sampling of memorable matters I have experienced and posted about over the past year.

Of Rice and Men

12/14/11 - There are hundreds of styles and brands out there, but here's a selection of my favorites that you should be able to find at better wine and liquor stores anywhere.

Saké Steps Up, Branches Out

12/01/11 - From P.F. Changs to The French Laundry and from BevMo to specialty wine retailers, saké is establishing a place on beverage lists and retail shelves around the country.

U.S. Saké vs. Japan Saké - Context Is Everything

11/14/11 - In a battle of perception, one wine blogger takes on another's discussion of saké brewed in the U.S.

Bling Beverages That Bedazzle

10/28/11 - Best Of The Bins: Behind the glittery names, luminous flavors.

Tasting Report: Momokawa Saké

09/13/11 - When he stopped by with six bottles of domestic rice wine, I asked Dewey Weddington, VP of Marketing for Momokawa, why anyone would want to drink an American sake.

Shaking up Saké

08/15/11 - With it's remarkably diverse flavor profiles and styles, the rice-based beverage known as sake is as varied and complex as any sourced from the vine.

50 State Dinners (Plus One): Food Treks Worth Taking This Summer

05/23/11 - Some people say the journey is more important than the destination — Grub Street says the journey is bunk if there isn't something tasty waiting at the end. When summer hits and the urge to skip town strikes, it's especially tricky to sha

Saké School: A Chat with Greg Lorenz, Saké Brewer

04/26/11 - Saké comes from Japan, right? Not always. Greg Lorenz, brewmaster of Momokawa brewery in Oregon, is on a mission to open people's minds about American-brewed saké.

Oregon's Saké Master (What Don't They Master Out There)

04/21/11 - From their kura (saké brewery) in Forest Grove, OR, Momokawa puts out award-winning saké, which, they're letting everyone know, pairs as well with food as wine does. And not just Japanese food.

BOTTOM LINE How sake works with food

03/15/11 - Today's ultra-premium sakés are as food-versatile as table wines.

Zen and the Art of Saké

01/01/09 - For a society well-acquainted with beer, wine and spirits, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the centuries-old beverage. Americans now know that saké exists, but most associate it with cheap futsu-shu. Recently, that's been changing.

Pure water lures only U.S.-owned saké brewery

03/02/06 - What ancient beverage is brewed something like beer, classified legally as a wine, but produced without grapes? Saké. And you can sample it here at the only American-owned saké brewery, tucked into Oregon wine country about 25 miles west of Portland.

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