The Slants Visit SakéOne
The Slants Visit SakéOne
Bottle Aged Saké - Understanding Impact of Age
Bottle Aged Saké - Understanding Impact of Age

SakéOne's Annual Oysters & Saké Event When: 11:00am-4:00pm May 3, 2014 Where: SakéOne Brewery - 820 Elm St., Forest Grove, OR 97116

Kura Blessing/Saké Day Celebration When: 10:00am-4:00pm September 27, 2014 Where: SakéOne, 820 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR, 97116

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The Pacific Rim is not only where continents collide, but also where Eastern and Western culture combine to create new cuisine, art, music and philosophy. It's along the Rim, in Oregon, that we craft g saké a brew that combines the diversity of cultures into dynamic new premium sake.

When g joy was first released we sent a bottle to one of America's leading saké experts, Eric Swanson in Las Vegas. He responded quickly and said; "This is the kind of saké I've wanted an American producer to make. It adheres to the traditions of fine saké, which appeals to the purist, yet it is crafted to have the big-layered flavors that the American palate has come to expect. This is a truly wonderful saké, one I have and will share with friends."

There are no short cuts in brewing g. The rice used comes from one of the finest rice growing regions in the world, the Sacramento Valley. The climate, soil and water resources are ideal for growing rice and the trek north to Oregon is relatively short. Koji-kin and yeast strains used in g saké are both from Japan and combined provide the diversity of flavors layered in each bottle. And the water? Its from our home here in Oregon. Perfect for saké.

Handcrafted using ancient Japanese techniques and American sensibilities, g is the essence of East Meets West & Past Meets Present.

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