Following are some of our favorite recipes created by friends around the country and our team at SakeOne. Click here to hear Lucy Brennan talk with us about mixing with sake.
Click the photo for the recipe and enjoy.

"Sakura-ko" Cherry Blossom Child

820 Frost 820 Frost

Asia Deep Asia Deep

Asian Mary Asian Mary

Asian Persuasion Asian Persuasion

Basil Berry Basil Berry

Blackberry Limeade Blackberry Limeade

Blackberry Sangria Blackberry Sangria

Blood Bath Blood Bath

Blue Moon Blue Moon

Blushing Bride Blushing Bride

Bombay Moon Bombay Moon

Chili Mango Chili Mango

Chocolate Macaroon Chocolate Macaroon

Coco Julius Coco Julius

Coconut Cream Cake Coconut Cream Cake

Cosmo Pearl Cosmo Pearl

Cu-Tini Cu-Tini

Cucumber Lemon Infusion Cucumber Lemon Infusion

Daquir-G Daquir-G

Dragon's Milk Dragon's Milk

Enlightened Grapefruit Enlightened Grapefruit

Falling Falling

Framboise Frost Framboise Frost

G Lime G Lime

G Rose G Rose

G Sling G Sling

Geisha's Giggles Geisha's Giggles

Ginger Pom Ginger Pom

Green Fairy Dragon Rocket Green Fairy Dragon Rocket

Green Tea Saké Mosc-jito Green Tea Saké Mosc-jito

Ha-ole Ha-ole

Happiness Happiness

Honey Basil Superstar Honey Basil Superstar

Hot Asian Hot Asian

Jasmine Kiss Jasmine Kiss

Koji's Cider Koji's Cider

Kona Sun Kona Sun

Kyuri Kyuri

Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade

Mariachi Hula Mariachi Hula

Master Cleanse-Tini Master Cleanse-Tini

Melon Kiwi-Tini Melon Kiwi-Tini

New Year's Resolution New Year's Resolution

No Regrets for Our Youth No Regrets for Our Youth

Passion Shores Passion Shores

Pear Flower Pear Flower

Pineapple Infusion Pineapple Infusion

Pink G&T Pink G&T

Pink Lady Pink Lady

Pink Lady Pink Lady

Pom Tree Pom Tree

Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie

Saké Cider Saké Cider

Saké Cruz Saké Cruz

Saké Freaker Saké Freaker

Saké Margarita (Sakérita) Saké Margarita (Sakérita)

Saké Sundown Saké Sundown

Samurai Coffee Samurai Coffee

Saturday Saturday

Spicy Geisha Spicy Geisha

Spicy Thai Plum Spicy Thai Plum

Strawberry Daiquiri Strawberry Daiquiri

Stray Dog Stray Dog

Sugar Plum Kiss Sugar Plum Kiss

Summertime Summertime

Thai Basil Mango Mojito Thai Basil Mango Mojito

Thai Hillbilly Thai Hillbilly

Thai Plum Fizz Thai Plum Fizz

The Bad Sleep Well The Bad Sleep Well

The Grove The Grove

The Mojito Saketini The Mojito Saketini

Vanilla Pearl Grasshopper Vanilla Pearl Grasshopper

Whipped & Kissed Whipped & Kissed

White Light Tini White Light Tini

Yuzu Gimlet Yuzu Gimlet

Yuzu Melon Yuzu Melon