Pacific Rim Festival
Pacific Rim Festival
Building A Brewing Tank at SakéOne
Building A Brewing Tank at SakéOne

Kura Blessing/Saké Day Celebration When: 10:00am-4:00pm September 27, 2014 Where: SakéOne, 820 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR, 97116

Yoshinogawa Golden Gourd Daiginjo

Saké 101 and SakéOne Tastings

5 Centuries

"Our family began brewing saké in 1548 and we are honored that Yoshinogawa is recognized as the first Kura (brewery) in Niigata Prefecture, now famous for fine saké. As the 19th Generation to operate our Kura, it is very important to us that we honor our traditions as we look to the future of saké and its relevance to our home and its people. Please, enjoy the results of centuries of saké craft brewing found in every bottle of our saké." - Koji Kawakami, President of Yoshinogawa.

Geographically, Niigata Prefecture is a large area featuring rugged mountains, heavy winter snows, lush agricultural land and miles of ocean view. The cold, snowy winters ensure an abundance of water, fueling not only rich rice fields but also a thriving saké brewing community.

Yoshinogawa brews using a combination of techniques both ancient and modern, high-tech, to craft both classic Niigata styles and modern interpretations. The marriage of technologies allows the brewing team to maintain their focus on local ingredients and processes that keep every bottle a definitive expression of Yoshinogawa's home region.

Each style offered in the U.S. is unique, differentiated by ages of knowledge channeled through the Toji's approach with yeast, rice, koji and aging. Careful manipulation of each element and the stages of brewing offers a near endless number of styles and flavor profiles.