Saké Brewing - Rice Steaming at SakéOne
Saké Brewing - Rice Steaming at SakéOne
2010 Kura Blessing 3 Min
2010 Kura Blessing 3 Min

SakéOne's Annual Oysters & Saké Event When: 11:00am-4:00pm May 3, 2014 Where: SakéOne Brewery - 820 Elm St., Forest Grove, OR 97116

Kura Blessing/Saké Day Celebration When: 10:00am-4:00pm September 27, 2014 Where: SakéOne, 820 Elm St. Forest Grove, OR, 97116

Saké 101 and SakéOne Tastings

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Family Honor

The Murai Family's passion for crafting fine saké dates back centuries to Japan's Edo Period and has roots in the honorable way of the Samurai. It is, however the modern age of saké that is most revered. When Koshichiro Murai purchased the now Momokawa Brewing Japan Company from his cousin in 1889, he ushered in a new era for the brewery. At that moment, with his team gathered around, Koshichiro proclaimed that from that moment forward his family's Kura would forever craft the finest saké in all of Japan - a task not taken lightly.

Within a short amount of time Koshichiro took one more, bold step in naming his daughter the president of the Kura and placing control of what was then a man's business in the hands of a women.

Later generations would bring daiginjo to the public, create a saké bottle that made a distinct sound when pouring - adding sound to the senses enjoying saké, and take the family passion to America.

As Murai Family saké reaches the U.S. a new generation is at the helm and working to carry on the mission of Koshichiro and continue a legacy of innovation and forever brewing the finest saké in Japan.