G Sling

by Lucy Brennan

2 oz G Sake 
1 oz Cruzan Banana Rum 
1 oz lemon lime juice (50/50) 
1 oz simple syrup

  1. Pour ingredients over ice into shaker.

  2. Give it a round of aggressive shakes.

  3. Serve on the rocks with a lime slice and/or tropical flower.

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Lucy receives credit for bringing Portland’s cocktail scene to the forefront of innovation and technique in America. She bridged the gap between bar and kitchen, reshaping ingredients and flavors. Lucy’s success has been celebrated in Playboy, Sante, Food & Wine, Spirit, and Bon Appetit magazines. Her book Hip Sips puts her innovative techniques and mastery in the hands of home bartenders and is the foundation of SakéOne’s approach to cocktail development.

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